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Halfway between the baroque aristocratic of Lecce and the crystalline Jonio sea that bathes the golden coasts of Porto Cesareo, rises Leverano, a lively town animated by just under 15 thousand enterprising inhabitants.
Leverano introduces itself to its visitors with the beauty of its countryside, the goodness of its agricultural products, the authenticity of the ancient village that contains the truest soul of the town.

In the old village live the inhabitants who always animate it and the many lovely accommodation facilities. The characteristic small activities of the past alternate with the new and lively premises, where you can spend your evenings between a glass of wine and a laugh.

Symbol of the town is the fascinating Tower of Frederick II of Svevia which stands out austere and majestic on the rooftops of the historic center.

Leverano is very close to Porto Cesareo, only 9 kilometers separate it from the Ionian sea.
Lecce is reached in just 10 minutes by car covering about 16 km.
Salento Airport in Brindisi is located just under 60 km.

Its location in the center of the province of Salento, makes it the ideal base from which to explore the peninsula, from the Ionian Sea to the Adriatic, from north to south.


The southernmost end of the Puglia region is bathed by two seas: Ionian to the west and Adriatic to the east. The Earth enclosed in these waters is generally defined as the Salentine Peninsula. The territory falls completely in the province of Lecce and partly in that of Taranto and Brindisi.

Initially called Messapia by the Greeks, “Land between the two seas” precisely, the Salento was inhabited by the Messapi, population of Illyrian origin.
Over the centuries, Greek, Byzantine, and Saracen populations have survived or coexisted until the arrival of the Normans and then the Aragonese.

The succession and cohabitation of different populations and cultures from ancient times up to contemporary ones, has contributed to forming the identity that characterizes Salento and its people even today.
A welcoming, warm people, open to new things but at the same time loving their traditions. A people that adapts and manages to get the best out of difficult situations. A varied culture that is influenced by ancient Greek and Byzantine influences in architecture, cuisine, language and popular music.

Geographically it is characterized by endless kilometers of coastline, mainly sandy in the Ionian, rocky on the Adriatic. From a thriving countryside dominated by the maquis in the wildest part, from the olive tree and from the vineyard to the one cultivated by man.
For wine lovers we are in the land of Negroamaro and Primitivo.

How to reach us

By Car

arrived in Lecce, continue for Leverano-Porto Cesareo along the SP 119 for about 16 km.

By Train

From Lecce central station you can reach Leverano with the Stp buses or you can book the Ancient Puglia shuttle service.

By Plane

The nearest airport to Leverano is in Brindisi. From the Salento airport you can rent a car and take the SS 613 towards Lecce. From Lecce continue for Monteroni-Leverano-Porto Cesareo. Journey time about 50 minutes.
Alternatively, you can book the Ancient Puglia shuttle service